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Monthly net subscription: 180 Euro
Assembly :
700 Euro
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Lease time:
Monthly net subscription: 180 Euro
Assembly :
700 Euro

And here are our beautiful phone booths

Take a moment to explore our entire family of soundproof products, starting from single-person booths, through two-, three- and four-person pods and ending with mobile private offices. All are incredibly soundproof and available with a convenient subscription. 

Soundproof phone booths by IMIN Pods: you don’t have to buy to use them.

Why is it worth choosing our booths?

Bass traps

Acoustic booths are crammed with bass traps, thanks to which the quality of the acoustics inside are raised to the maximum. 

Booths to suit any space 

Whether your business is a quiet office or a noisy warehouse, thanks to our booths’ certificates, we can install them anywhere – even on the production floor.

E-glass - the new face of privacy

With the intelligent liquid crystal film, controlled by remote control, you get even more comfort in your phone booth. A single click makes the panes of the entire booth frosted. With another click they are transparent again. You decide the level of privacy. 

Multi-year experience

We are pioneers in the manufacture, sale and rental of acoustic booths. We have already sold more than 10,000 booths worldwide. The number of global brands that trust us obliges us to grow. This is what we focus on. 

Allow yourself
to hold a
conversation in silence

Are you looking for a comfortable place to work in your office? How about an area for relaxed phone calls or company meetings? Rent acoustic booths from IMIN Pods! We were the first to introduce acoustic phone booths in Poland. We are currently the only company to offer them for rent. 

Our phone booths are for everyone. They work well in an office, warehouse or even a production hall. We will adapt them to your needs and you decide how long they stay in your company. Based on your requirements, the rental calculator will calculate the subscription amount. Without any paperwork or examination of your company’s financial condition, we will deliver the booth even within a few days. And the best thing is that you can have a one-person booth for only 150 Euro a month. That’s less than the cost of your company’s Internet subscription. Don’t want to rent? No problem. You can also purchase each of our booths on a one-off basis. 

You decide: small or large, on a subscription basis or as a single purchase. Let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest. Lightning fast. And remember: with us you don’t have to buy a booth to use one.

We believe that

good design can be

made in Poland!