2-person acoustic booth


Where there are two minds, there are many possibilities

Only 60 centimetres wider and 30 centimetres deeper than a single-person phone booth, but it can be used for face-to-face meetings: the two-person acoustic booth. With 33-dB soundproofing, it is the perfect place for meetings that require discretion, to discuss sensitive data without fear or to invite a candidate for an interview. It takes up so little space in the office, yet it’s so useful. And multifunctional. The model M acoustic pod is equipped with a motion sensor that will switch on the lighting and ventilation as soon as you enter the booth and switch them off when you leave it. A touch panel will allow you to manage the functions of the booth at will, and the hockers will keep you on the move despite sitting in place. A miracle. We’re so confident in the utility and aesthetic qualities of the M pod that we’re giving you the option to hire it. Once you’re convinced of it, you won’t give it back but will order more.

Check your subscription
Lease time:
Monthly net subscription: 370 Euro
Assembly :
850 Euro


The simple way to silence

Why build a conference room in the office when you can find a simpler solution for a quieter area in the workplace? A two-person acoustic cubicle – and any of its smaller or larger ‘sisters’ – is the simplest and most efficient way to create quiet in the office. It is equipped with everything you need to work in the highest standard of comfort: efficient ventilation, electrical sockets, USB ports, a practical table, seats, a control panel for the booth’s settings and, well, that silence. This is what millions of people sigh for in an M pod.


You walk in and know that everything is in its place. The table is not too big, not too small – perfect. The media port and touch panel to manage the booth functions are conveniently located, slightly above the table top. The light is centred above the tabletop and illuminates the work area perfectly. On opposite sides of the table are hockers that support the spine and are suitable for quick meetings. And that is exactly what the M phone pod for two people was designed for: less formal meetings to efficiently discuss current issues and then go on ‘doing your thing’. Or to leave the pod – others wishing to use it are already queuing up.


We have been manufacturing acoustic phone booths for offices for 10 years, the longest in Poland. During this time, our laboratories have likely tested all the fans available on the global market. This experience has allowed us to select the ideal one – the one with the best power-to-noise ratio. The soundproof acoustic cabin for two people is equipped with two such fans. Thanks to them you can enjoy efficient air exchange, which will keep the air clean and at a constant temperature and humidity. The quiet mechanism means that even when the fans – whose power can be adjusted on the touch panel – are operating at their maximum, you will be able to concentrate on what is most important at work.


Managing your privacy has never been so easy. You enter a booth with transparent panes of glass and click the remote control – the panes become tinted. This is the ultimate in privacy: deciding whether your colleagues can hear you or see you, thanks to the soundproof telephone booth. This feature is available at an extra cost, so if you feel you need even more privacy in your booth, opt for an acoustic booth with smart glass containing a layer of liquid crystals. These allow you to literally tint the glass in seconds or restore it to full translucency. The technology of the future is available now.


A world full of colour is more beautiful. That’s why you are not limited to a few basic colours for the colour of your booth. There are more than 2,000 RAL and NCS colours to choose from, and we can paint your sound booth any of them. A soundproof telephone booth can display the colours of your office and blend in beautifully with its architecture. 


Movement is health. The two-person acoustic M pod has two hockers, which somehow force the user to move, stabilising the gently contoured seat base. Intuitive movement not only works your muscles despite being sedentary, but it also verticalises the spine. You can ensure good posture while discussing important matters in the booth.


As with the other IMIN Pods acoustic booths, the two-person pod is equipped with a touch-sensitive control panel for lighting (intensity and colour temperature) and ventilation. You don’t have to change them if you don’t want to. But you can. With a few taps on the + and - symbols, you are just a few taps away from changing a strong cold light to a warm, ambient light. If someone joins you in the booth, you can increase the ventilation so that the air quality inside is still at its highest.


The two-person acoustic pod for the office is also a functional media port with two power sockets, each featuring a USB and an RJ45 socket. That’s enough for two people with various equipment: laptops, smartphones and headphones. Charge them with energy, preferably positive energy.

Technical Specifications

If you want to add a soundproof acoustic M pod to the floor plan of your office and need more technical information, take a look at the table and downloads below. They will help answer your most specific questions.

External dimensions:

160x130x225 cm


480 kg


33 dB


LED lighting, motion sensor, touch panel to manage light colour temperature, light intensity and ventilation level, media port (2x 230V, USB, RJ45)

Pozycja Dane
Power socket 2P+Z socket, 16A-250V
RJ45 or USB socket USB 230V/5V socket; 1500 mA, RJ45 socket KAT5E FTP
Connection cable 230V 3x1,5; 2,5m length, 2P+Z pug, black
12V power supply 12V power supply, 4A, 2,5m - total length of connection
Fan x 2szt. 

Air flow rate: max. 210 m3/h/szt.

Speed control: 10-100%

LED lighting 2szt., LED luminaires 2X2W, 6000K, 2x250lm
Motion sensor Adjustable disconnection time: 5s, 30s, 1min., 3min., 5min., 8min. 
Intake vent In the back, active area: 300 cm2

Work version (hokers): H. 93 cm, D. 40cm, L. 80 cm

Chill version (poufs): H. 43 cm, D. 40 cm, L. 60 cm

External dimensions H. 225 cm, L. 160 cm, D. 130 cm
Glass door Safety glass; 5+5mm (total thickness 11mm), tempered; CE certified
Weight 400 kg netto
Interior finish Varnished MDF/decorative plywood, certified varnish (RAL or NCS colour palette)
Wykończenie zewnętrzne Varnished MDF (RAL or NCS colour palette)

Technical drawings