1-person acoustic phone booth


A phone booth that you customise to your liking

With just a few taps on its touch control panel, you can adapt the IMIN Pods soundproof phone booth to your preferences. So you can treat this acoustic booth as a private mini office. And work in it until late, if the situation demands it. The low-intensity lighting in the morning can easily be increased in the evening. You can also change the colour temperature. The shelf is at such an ideal height that you can work at it either sitting or standing. Welcome to our cosy world, where you can leave the noise behind the door. The door of a phone booth, of course.

Check your subscription
Lease time:
Assembly :
700 Euro
Monthly net subscription: 370 Euro
Net one-time purchase: 5700 Euro

Everyone has an opinion…

…and the single-person S phone booth can cater for all. It’s up to you to decide how to configure the soundproof booth so that you can work pleasantly and comfortably in it.


Special soundproofing material hidden in the walls and almost 5 m² of bass traps inside the booth mean one thing: excellent sound insulation and an absolutely ‘echo-free’ booth. On entering it you will simply hear silence. You can focus on your conversation, take a break from the noise outside or just calm your emotions. With a soundproofing level of 33 dB, the IMIN Pods model S phone booth is among the world’s leading acoustic booths.


We are the only manufacturer of soundproof phone booths who will paint your acoustic booth any RAL or NCS colour. While that introduces a whole host of possibilities, more importantly, we do so at no extra cost. Only with us can you perfectly match the colour of the booth to the style of your office. And if you really want, we will also make a paint sample for you before you order your booth. Simple? With IMIN Pods, it is very much so.


Warm light or cold light... How about half-and-half? It doesn’t matter who uses the booth or when – anyone can manage its functions. A touch-sensitive control panel, conveniently located at arm’s length on the back wall, allows you to change the light’s colour temperature and intensity as well as the level of ventilation. Set the configuration permanently or adjust the controller while using the acoustic cabin. You are in charge (or at least as long as you’re in the booth).


It’s wide, deep and has two levels. Laptop, notebook, coffee, charger, headphones, glasses – try not to fit something on it. Plus, it has a special undercut shelf where you can place your tablet or phone at the perfect angle for video conferencing. In addition to its undisputed functionality, it also decorates the acoustic booth. Made of natural decorative plywood and bent into a semi-circular shape, it provides both comfort and decorative qualities.


GSM and WiFi signals penetrate through the soundproof walls of the IMIN Pods acoustic booth in a flash. However, there are places where WiFi simply cannot be used. This is why the media port of the S phone booth is equipped with an RJ45 socket for traditional, wired Internet access. The 230V power socket will allow you to quickly charge your laptop, and the USB port will come in handy if your smartphone is feeling a bit low. Need other or additional sockets? Let us know - we’ll be sure to install them in your phone booth.


The phone booth gives your mind a break from the noise in the office, while the footrest relaxes your body. Sit back, place your feet on the footrest and chill. Using a footrest will allow you to sit more comfortably and will also take care of your health. By maintaining correct posture, you promote proper blood flow and relieve strain on your muscles, joints and bones.


The roof-mounted fan has excellent parameters: it’s quiet, efficient and adjustable. You can change the airflow by tapping on the touch control panel. Do you like it hot or cold? In any case, you’ll feel comfortable in the phone box from IMIN Pods. The airflow influences the feeling of temperature in the booth, and you control its intensity. 

Technical Specifications

Do you attach great importance to all aspects of your daily working life? So do we. That’s why we’ve created phone booths: office furniture that simply makes it better, more pleasant and more efficient to do your job. Check out the parameters of the S-sized booth:

External dimensions:

105x105x225 cm


320 kg


33 dB


LED lighting, motion sensor, touch panel to manage light colour temperature, light intensity and ventilation level, media port (230V, USB, RJ45)

Item Data
Power sockets 2P+Z socket, 16A-250V
RJ45 or USB socket RJ45 socket KAT5E FTP
230V connection cable 3x1; 2,5m length, 2P+Z plug, black
12V power supply 12V power supply, 2A, total length of connection - 2,5m 

Air flow rate: max. 170 m3/h/unit.

Speed control: 10-100%

Max. power: 5,4W, 0,45A (12V)

LED lighting LED luminaires 2W, 2700K, 170lm
Motion sensor Adjustable disconnection time: 5s, 30s, 1min., 3min., 5min., 8min.
Intake vent 110 cm2

L. 90cm, H. 10cm, D. 35cm

External dimensions H. 225cm, W. 100cm, D. 100cm
Glass door Safety glass; tempered; 11mm (5+5mm); CE certified
Weight 320 kg net
Interior finish Upholstered panels , construction: MDF varnished
Exterior finish MDF varnished with RAL or NCS colour palette

Technical drawings