3 person acoustic booth

The only three-person pod on the market

No longer do you have to choose between a two-person pod used mainly for ‘informal’ meetings and a four-person pod that can confidently be called a conference room. Here it is, at a great price: the one and only three-person acoustic pod, model , which combines the features of a two- and four-person pod. It is small in size, identical to the two-person pod, and is equipped with the sofas familiar from the four-person model. So if your office is on the small side, the three-person M3 pod is unrivalled. It takes up very little space – not much more than a single-person acoustic booth – is equipped with comfortable sofas that can accommodate as many as three people and can be had for as little as PLN 1530 net per month. This kind of thing can only be found at IMIN.

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Lease time:
Monthly net subscription: 410 Euro
Assembly :
850 Euro


The booth that’s just right

We fit everything in an area of 2 m²: two sofas (single and double), a table, an extended media port and 6 m² of bass traps, so you’ll know what an echo-free space really is. The only three-person office phone box on the market will delight you with its compact size and what it can do for you.


For the price of a two-person pod, you can have a meeting room. We have squeezed the most out of the functional layout of the three-person acoustic pod. It has a comfortable entrance and two sofas: a smaller one – leaving space for communication – and another for two people. The table is ‘just right’. You’ll find room on it for a cup of delicious coffee, a laptop and a notepad. Could you want anything more? Of course! Two of these pods, for example.


The dimensions of this acoustic pod are 160 × 130 cm. That’s less than a standard dressing room, yet enough to fit it literally anywhere. The canteen, the lobby, the former printing machine alcove (yes, even there) – it’s amazing how such a compact phone pod works perfectly as a fully-fledged meeting room.


Designing compact office furniture requires the use of every inch of space. The three-person acoustic pod for the office, although small, is equipped with a practical shelf. It is located underneath the seat – both single and double – giving you as much as 150 cm of additional storage space for documents, for example. This saves a lot of space on the table. If you no longer need your laptop during a meeting, simply put it on the shelf. Do the same with other small office items and you will see how the table grows before your eyes. Magic.


The three-person acoustic pod for the office is equipped with an extensive media port: two electrical sockets, one USB charger and even an RJ45 socket. Use the classic 230V socket to charge your laptop and other ‘larger’ equipment. Headphones, watches, phones and similar ‘smaller’ devices can be charged via the USB port. The RJ45 socket will come in handy if you use wired internet in your office. 


A soundproof conference room that seats up to three people requires efficient ventilation. That’s why we installed two fans with a maximum output of 420 m³/h in this three-person soundproof pod. They are able to exchange all the air in the pod almost twice a minute. And that means maximum comfort for the users sitting in the pod for … even for a long time.


33 dB: that’s the difference you will literally hear when you cross the threshold and close the door of your soundproof pod. That’s the level of sound insulation of home windows. Walk inside and find out, and then show a friend. Or preferably two, because the pod is as big as a three-person conference room. The only one of its kind on the market.


Almost all IMIN Pods phone pods are equipped with a touch panel that controls the colour temperature and intensity of the lighting as well as the ventilation. With this advanced feature, you can easily adjust the sound booth to suit your needs or mood.

Technical Specifications

Inspired by modern office architecture and open-plan spaces, IMIN Pods soundproof rooms will improve the acoustic quality of your office. Check out the details of the M³ pod.

External dimensions:

160x130x225 cm


480 kg


33 dB


LED lighting, motion sensor, touch panel to manage light colour temperature, light intensity and ventilation level, media port (2x 230V, USB, RJ45)

Pozycja Dane
Power socket 2P+Z socket, 16A-250V
RJ45 or USB socket USB 230V/5V socket; 1500 mA, RJ45 socket KAT5E FTP
Connection cable 230V 3x1,5; 2,5m length, 2P+Z pug, black
12V power supply 12V power supply, 4A, 2,5m - total length of connection
Fan x 2szt. 

Air flow rate: max. 210 m3/h/szt.

Speed control: 10-100%

LED lighting 2szt., LED luminaires 2X2W, 6000K, 2x250lm
Motion sensor Adjustable disconnection time: 5s, 30s, 1min., 3min., 5min., 8min. 
Intake vent In the back, active area: 300 cm2

Work version (hokers): H. 93 cm, D. 40cm, L. 80 cm

Chill version (poufs): H. 43 cm, D. 40 cm, L. 60 cm

External dimensions H. 225 cm, L. 160 cm, D. 130 cm
Glass door Safety glass; 5+5mm (total thickness 11mm), tempered; CE certified
Weight 400 kg netto
Interior finish Varnished MDF/decorative plywood, certified varnish (RAL or NCS colour palette)
Wykończenie zewnętrzne Varnished MDF (RAL or NCS colour palette)

Technical drawings