About us

The first manufacturer

of soundproof phone booths in Poland

We have been on the Polish market of soundproof phone booths since its inception in 2014. As the first Polish manufacturer of soundproof booths for offices, we started to popularise soundproof phone booths and mobile conference rooms, which are now very well known and appreciated. Years of experience, thousands of booths manufactured and sold and clients serviced on all continents have made us realise how valuable are the foundations on which we have built our company:


As enthusiasts of good design, we were keen to create products that are durable and above all functional. The combination of these qualities resulted in our first product: a single-person, soundproof phone booth for offices. We believed that it would convince a multitude of users, being designed and then manufactured with passion. We were as eager to popularise the office phone booth as we envisioned it. Promoting a product that one strongly believes in and 100% identifies with has proved successful. Today, soundproof phone booths are an indispensable part of office architecture. And we remain a team of enthusiasts who, through their commitment, are able to meet the most difficult challenges of our clients.

Made in Poland

Our soundproof telephone booths for offices are manufactured in Poland. We do not compromise on quality. The entire technological process – at every stage – is thoroughly developed and then controlled on-site in our modern factory near Cracow. It is also very important to us to support the Polish economy and domestic designers. We believe that in Poland we create beautiful design that will last for years.


We give our heart to what we do. We simply love it. Our clients know this very well and can even sense it. During business conversations, including phone calls, we smile and listen to the needs of the caller, knowing that the next phone booth we produce will solve further problems in the office. We treat each order individually, which is why IMIN Pods acoustic booths fit in with the character of the office and are consistent with the surroundings. We are happy to leave to our competitors mass production focussed solely on profit. For us, it is people – their needs and emotions – that count the most. It is thanks to this that we often build relationships with our clients that go beyond the business model.

We are also happy to get to know you. Call, write or simply come and see us. In our showroom near Cracow, we will demonstrate our soundproof office phone booths and pods. We’ll have coffee or tea and get to know each other a little. We look forward to seeing you.

Paweł and Tomek and the whole friendly IMIN team :)

Meet our team

Paweł Ślęczka

Co-founder of the company. Deals with design as well as production and technological issues. Privately passionate about F1 races, Italy, and good music.

Tomasz Kapica

Co-founder of the company. Responsible for sales, marketing, and international contacts. Attentive listener and observer of reality. His hobbies include aviation and travel.