1-person acoustic phone booth

Dot pod

The cheapest phone booth. From the first Polish manufacturer.

There is no other soundproof booth on the market as cheap, as good or from such an experienced Polish manufacturer. This single-person phone booth has everything it needs to make your daily work easier. Are you looking for peace and quiet where you can focus your thoughts while writing an important report? Or do you need privacy so you can take a moment to discuss family matters at work? The XS acoustic booth can do it all – and with a subscription starting from PLN 560 net per month.

Check your subscription
Lease time:
Monthly net subscription: 180 Euro
Assembly :
700 Euro

m² of peace and quiet

This is all the space that the DotPod phone booth needs in your office. And it has so many functions.


The shelf installed in the XS acoustic cabin is almost 80 cm wide. You can fit just about anything on it: a laptop, a notepad or a cup of tea (which you definitely won't spill, thanks to a special safety cup holder). And because it has two levels, you can store documents under the main desk. We have prepared so much space for you to work that you won’t miss your desk. After all, it’s much quieter in the booth than in an open-plan office.


The magnetic handle sets the XS booth apart from all others on the market. It is comfortable for both shorter and taller people, strong and petite people. To open the door, gently pull the handle at any point. The magic of closing lies in subtle pulling of the door to the pod. The handle acts like power steering in a car: the door opens and closes very gently. And on top of that, it is so beautiful.


Tablets, laptops and phones – all these devices need electricity. If your conversation in the XS phone booth runs a little long and your device signals a low battery, stay calm. The XS acoustic booth is equipped with a 230V media port and USB socket. It is extremely aesthetically pleasing and is literally at hand: on the shelf top. It can charge two devices simultaneously.


The wide shelf of the acoustic phone booth is illuminated across its entire working area. The heat-emitting LEDs are positioned exactly above the shelf (and therefore also in front of the booth’s user), which eliminates all shadows. We have also taken care of your eyes, which will remain relaxed thanks to the neutral colour of the light. You don’t have to remember to switch the lamp off, as it switches itself off within a minute of leaving the booth.


For over a decade we have been researching all the fans available on the market. We have selected the best. The performance perfectly matches the minimal sound it generates. You will be surprised how much pleasant, fresh air can find its way into the phone booth thanks to such a quiet and small fan.

Technical Specifications

You will find the technical specifications of the DotPod soundproof phone booth in the table below. If you need more information, such as drawings and floor plans or certificates for the acoustic booth, you can download them from the Downloads section below.

External dimensions:

96x96x225 cm 


270 kg


32 dB


LED lighting, motion sensor, media port (230V, USB)

Item Data
Power sockets 3 x 2P+Z socket, 16A-230V
RJ45 or USB socket 2 x USB socket; 5V; 2100mA
230V connection cable 3x1,5; 2m length, 2P+Z plug, white
12V power supply 12V power supply, 2A, total length of connection - 2,5m 

Air flow rate: max. 147 m3/h/unit.

Speed control: 1200/1500/1800/min

LED lighting LED luminaires 2W, 2700K, 170lm
Motion sensor Adjustable disconnection time: 5s, 30s, 1min., 3min., 5min., 8min.
Intake vent 60x460mm

Folded: L. 60cm, H. 90cm, D. 16cm

Unfolded: L. 60cm, H. 90cm, D. 35cm

External dimensions H. 220cm, W. 95cm, D. 95cm
Glass door Safety glass; tempered; 10mm; CE certified
Weight 240 kg net
Interior finish Decorative felt, construction: oil-coated decorative plywood
Exterior finish Decorative felt, construction: oil-coated decorative plywood

Technical drawings