4-person acoustic booth


Peace and quiet wherever you need it

It is so small and so big at the same time. You can fit it anywhere, even in the lobby, but it will surprise you with its spaciousness. The soundproof mobile conference L pod was designed as a 4-person pod, but can comfortably accommodate up to 6 users – that’s basically a room. The soundproof office space will improve the wellbeing of those using the pod, thereby increasing their productivity. And if you find that there is a better place in the office for your 4-person acoustic pod, relax, the pod is 100% mobile. You can take care of the relocation yourself or outsource it to us. Premium service is our standard.

Check your subscription
Lease time:
Monthly net subscription: 500 Euro
Assembly :
900 Euro


A meeting room that fits anywhere

The 4-person L pod has revolutionised the way we look at seemingly ‘unusable’ spaces in the office. Small lobbies and vestibules – you can now use all of these spaces to host a soundproof acoustic pod, and thus obtain many additional meeting rooms. With an ideal 3 m² of surface area, it is possible to insert a soundproof pod almost anywhere, while maintaining a comfortable space for the users inside. The L-sized pod can also be attached to desks or used as a free-standing piece of furniture in open-plan workspaces. Do you want to try different options in your office? Great! You can rent an L pod and see for yourself.

Comfortable interior

Upholstered seating and a wide table comfortably accommodate four people with all their work tools. Our L pod is the ideal place to hold meetings and presentations away from the hustle and bustle of the office.


A pod for four people invites at least four different opinions. That’s why we created a touch panel to freely manage the ventilation, light colour temperature and light intensity. Change the intensity of the LED if Bartek’s setting doesn’t suit you. Kate set the ventilation too low? Tap the ‘+’ next to the fan icon a few times to increase it. On the other hand, don’t touch the panel after the boss has configured the light and ventilation. The boss is always right. And if not, read the previous sentence again.


The backrests in the L pod are contoured in such a way that they gently push out your lumbar spine. This forces your spine into the correct – upright – posture. If a meeting in the sound booth is prolonged, your sitting comfort will remain as it was at the start of the meeting. 


A big booth means lots of possibilities. The four-person acoustic pod is equipped with a monitor on which you can display anything you feel like. When leading a meeting with your boss, throw up a presentation with growth charts proving how much the company has grown since you were hired. Coming back from holiday is a good time to meet your colleagues in the pod and share some memorable photos or videos. Simply plug your device into the pod’s HDMI port and everything you want is automatically displayed on the monitor. No switches or searching for the remote control. Your time is of the essence.


Two power sockets, two USB, one HDMI and one RJ45. Even if everyone in the four-person L acoustic pod wants to charge their phone at exactly the same time, they will have the opportunity to do so. A larger acoustic booth for the office means more possibilities.


The glass panes in the soundproof office cubicle are double-glazed, tempered and bonded. This boosts their acoustic properties and has a direct impact on user safety. This is a standard several levels higher than required by the stringent European standards. 

Free of MESS

The fabric we use to upholster the acoustic panels, backrests and seats is waterproof. If you spill coffee, tea or juice, rest assured: it won’t be absorbed, but will instead run down the upholstery. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth to make the booth as good as new. 

Technical Specifications

33-dB soundproofing and more than 7 m² of bass traps to completely eliminate echoes, extensive media ports, safety glass and many, many more great features. Those hungry for technical info about the four-person acoustic pod are referred to the table below. And those wishing to download files to their device should visit the Downloads section below the table.

External dimensions:

200 x 155 x 225 cm


750 kg


33 dB


Adjustable ventilation, LED lighting, motion sensor, 2x230V socket, 2xUSB socket, RJ45, 31,5" monitor

Pozycja Dane
Power socket 2P+Z socket, 16A-250V
RJ45 or USB socket USB 230V/5V socket; 1500 mA, RJ45 socket KAT5E FTP
HDMI socket HDMI socket type A
RJ45 connection cable FTP cable, 3,5 m total length
Connection cable 230V 3x1,5; 2,5m length, 2P+Z pug, black
12V power supply 12V power supply, 4A, 2,5m - total length of connection
31,5" monitor
Diagonal: 31.5 inches
Diagonal: 31.5 inches
Matrix: IPS LCD, 16:9
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Matrix response time: 5 ms
Vertical / horizontal viewing angle: 178 degrees
Number of displayed colours: 16.7 million
Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Energy class: A
Loudspeakers: 2 x 5 W
Connectors: HDMI, D-Sub (VGA), DVI, Audio input/output
Fan x 2szt. 

Air flow rate: max. 200 m3/h/szt.

Speed control: 10-100%

LED lighting 2szt., LED luminaires 2X2W, 6000K, 2x250lm
Motion sensor Adjustable disconnection time: 5s, 30s, 1min., 3min., 5min., 8min. 
Intake vent In the back, active area: 450 cm2
Seat 2pcs., L. 130cm, H. 50cm, D. 45cm
Backrest 2pcs., L. 130 cm, H. 55cm, D. 1-7cm
Table H. 75cm, L. 110cm, D. 70cm
External dimensions H. 225 cm, L. 200 cm, D. 155 cm
Glass door Safety glass; 5+5mm (total thickness 11mm), tempered; CE certified
Weight 750 kg netto
Interior finish Varnished MDF/decorative plywood, certified varnish (RAL or NCS colour palette), seat and backrest upholstered with highly abrasion resistant material (150 k cycles)
Exterior finish Varnished MDF (RAL or NCS colour palette), covered with transparent protective varnish

Technical drawings